OfficeIRC Server

OfficeIRC Server

A highly evolved conference server allowing users to exchange messages in real-time.

Users are required to use a chat client or applet (if using a web-browser) to access the server.

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Key Features:

  • Internet Blacklists (DNSBL)*
  • Federal Standards Compliant (FIPS)
  • Full Logging Capabilities
  • Single Sign-On (NTLM)*²
  • Message Content Filtering
  • Attack Protection, Captcha & IP Masking
  • Server Linking (DreamForge compatible)
  • Data Streaming (UDP, VoIP)*
  • Bundled Flash Client (WebChat/WebIM*)
  • Internet Relay Chat Extensions (IRCX)
  • Secure Encrypted Communication (SSL)*²
  • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)*
  • Channel & Nickname Reservations
  • Memorandum Services (Offline Messaging)
  • Server-side Contact Lists*
  • Message Archiving*
  • Integrated Dynamic DNS Client (DDNS)
  • Jabber IM Gateway (XMPP)*
* Product feature are only available in certain editions.
*² Only available on Microsoft Windows platform.

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