OfficeIRC Messenger

OfficeIRC Messenger

OfficeIRC Messenger is an Instant Messenger client that uses the IRC protocol. It is designed for use within corporate environments for internal messaging.

Deploying OfficeIRC Messenger within a corporate network is made easy with an available MSI package for remote install, supported HKLM registry values (for server login information) and support for Windows Authentication.

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Key Features:

  • Supports IRCX Protocol
  • Color & Message Formatting
  • Message Logging
  • Single Sign-On (NTLM)
  • Smiley Icons
  • Host Controls
  • File Sending
  • Status Window
  • Contact List
  • Secure Encrypted Communication (SSL)
  • Channel & Message Window Tabs
  • Multiple Chat Rooms
  • Offline Messaging*
  • Channel Voice Chat*
  • Channel Whispering
  • Jabber (XMPP) Contacts*
* Feature requires server-side support.