Product Matrix

 Product Feature Standard Enterprise
     Concurrent Connections 1,000 10,000
     Free 2.x Updates X X
     Free E-Mail Technical Support X X
     OfficeIRC WebChat (Flash Client) X X
     OfficeIRC WebIM (Flash Client)   X
     OfficeIRC Messenger*²   X
     Server-side Contact Lists   X
     Message Archiving   X
     Data Streaming (UDP)   X
     Jabber Gateway (XMPP)   X
     IPv6 Support   X
     Internet Blacklists (DNSBL)   X
     Encrypted Chat (SSL)* X X
     ODBC Account Integration* X X
     Transcript and Audit Logging X X
     Channel Chat Back X X
     Windows Authentication (NTLM)* X X
     Message Filtering X X
     Overflow Channels X X
     Unlimited Nickname Registrations X X
     Unlimited Channel Registrations X X
     Multi-Threaded X X
     Remote Administration* X X
     IRCX Protocol Support X X
     Auditorium Channels X X
     Double Byte (Unicode) Channels X X
     Server to Server Linking X X
     Dynamic DNS (DDNS) X X
     Custom Server Operator Groups X X
     IP/DNS Masking X X
     SHA1 Password Hashing X X
     Proxy Detection X X
     Captcha Challenge X X
     Client Software Checker X X
     Custom Server Messages X X

* Only available on Microsoft Windows platform.
*² OfficeIRC Messenger site licence for internal use within organization.